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The brain is at the core of who we are and is responsible for making all decisions that help us go about our daily lives. It is a complex, intricate system that most of us rarely, if ever, think about—until something goes wrong.

A brain injury can wreak havoc on the quality of life of the victim and cause your entire world to change in a heartbeat. Knowing that you have reliable, professional legal advice on your side can be a real help, and our team at Pharr & Associates Injury Attorneys will always be on hand to assist you with those crucial first steps.

What Incidents May Cause a Brain Injury?

Despite its importance, the brain is a rather delicate instrument, and there are a range of accidents and events which can cause damage to it, damage which may not always be instantly visible. Common causes of brain injuries can include:

  • Being the Victim of a Violent Attack: many brain injuries are caused by a blow to the head, either by a fist or a heavy object. Victims may have experienced domestic violence or be caught up in a mugging or other attack, which results in their injury.
  • Being Caught Up in an Explosion: for many members of the armed forces, brain damage and trauma occur when they are involved in an explosion, while in the line of duty. Serving officers may also be injured by shrapnel, debris, or other falling objects from the blast.
  • Being Involved in a Car Accident: if you are a victim of a car accident or collision, you may suffer head injuries as a result. This can cause trauma and damage to the brain.
  • Suffering a Fall or Slip: if you are involved in a slip, trip, or fall, you may hit your head during the injury—a common cause of brain injuries and damage.
  • Being Injured While Playing Sports: sports are an essential aspect of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, but it is important to ensure that all players are careful and wear the appropriate protective equipment. A stray fist in a contact sport or a loose bat or ball can damage the brain.

Are All Brain Injuries the Same?

Not all brain injuries are created equal; there are three main categories that an injury may fall into. These are known as mild, moderate, and severe traumatic brain injuries. As you may anticipate, the scale increases in severity.

  • Mild TBI: a mild traumatic brain injury could present itself as a concussion and is likely to occur when an individual loses consciousness for a split second. Fatigue, nausea, and confusion can be common, along with balance issues and temporary mental, cognitive, and sensory problems that resolve themselves after a short period.
  • Moderate TBI: a moderate traumatic brain injury offers many of the same symptoms as its mild counterpart, but the victim may also experience additional issues such as slurred speech, seizures, and dilated pupils. A victim who is unconscious for several hours is also another common indication.
  • Severe TBI: in the case of a severe brain injury, the victim will be unconscious for an extended period (think days, weeks, or months). Those who are in a coma also fall under this category. Long-term repercussions of a severe brain injury can include long-term or permanent damage to cognitive function, balance, memory, and ability. In some cases, it can also include a complete personality change.

Victims of a severe traumatic brain injury also run the risk of an aneurysm down the line (this is where a clot or bleed gathers on the brain with thechance of bursting and causing hemorrhaging). Victims may also suffer permanent damage to senses and enter a state of altered consciousness, which can result in the death of the victim or in injuries which have a detrimental impact on the rest of their lives.

What Help is Available?

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury, there are steps you can take. In most cases, you will be able to pursue damages, costs, and compensation from the party deemed to be at fault for the incident, either through reckless actions (e.g., reckless driving) or negligence.

Proving liability can be difficult, so it is crucial that you have experienced, trustworthy legal advice on your side. Here at Pharr & Associates Injury Attorneys, we have assisted numerous victims and their families in achieving the justice they deserve and gaining back reimbursals for damages they need to pay, such as ongoing medical care, adaptations to the home, and loss of earnings. Contact our team today at (256) 487-6080 and see how we could help you take those all-important next steps.

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